Is an Amazon Prime Membership Worth the Money?

Hello World!

The answer to the question is YES – at least for me! Each person has to think about his or her lifestyle and then decide, but this is why it works for me.

First, despite the stereotype of the “shopping female,” I do not enjoy shopping. In particular, I do not enjoy driving all over town, going in and out of different stores, looking for the particular thing I need.  Except for on the rare occasion when I am looking for deals more than a specific item, I want to find what I want and get it and then get OUT!  If I can avoid brick and mortar stores, that is usually better.  I am certainly an online shopper.

Second, our family is spread out all over the eastern half of the United States, and we have friends in other parts of the country as well.  When special events are coming up, it is so much easier and cost effective if I can order what they want, need, or I want them to have and ship it directly.  If I can avoid having the item shipped to me and then having to ship it again, I do.  Have you shipped a package lately?  Ouch!

Next, I have to do things when I think about them.  It is either that or get it on my “to do” list. With Amazon Prime, I don’t worry about the fact that I had an order shipped to me yesterday, and I could have included whatever item I now need in that shipment.  I order it when I think of it and don’t worry.  This is HUGE for me.  My family members know that I am a worry wart, and the guilt of wasting money paying extra shipping costs would worry me.

Finally, I am a bookaholic who is married to a movieaholic.  With Amazon Prime, I have been able to find a huge number of free or inexpensive books to download to my Kindle.  In addition, there is the members’ lending library, and the HH is able to download books to his tablet, also.  When home, the HH wants something playing on T. V. almost all of the time, and being able to download free streaming videso (movies and T.V. shows) to our television is totally awesome!

If you want to see if Amazon Prime can save you money, you can try it for 30 days free.  No one should ever pay for such a service unless it really benefits him or her, so make sure it is a good deal for you before you buy.

Have a blessed and happy day,



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