What are your thoughts about life after 50?

Hello World!

Over the last year, in particular, I have done a lot of thinking about what should be my focus now that I am firmly past the 50 mark. As a part of this thought process, my mind has certainly wandered back over the years that have already been lived and filed away under “past.” Is this something about which other 50-somethings contemplate, or am I alone in this regard?

Ten of the last eleven years, my existence revolved around two things: my family and “my kids” at school. I really didn’t have a life beyond that except when my husband and I would fly away on a much deserved and desired travel adventure. Now, I find myself unemployed (giving up my teaching position by choice to deal with family related events), downsized, and with a nest that is empty save the family dog. What’s next? To quote Hamlet in Act 3, Scene 1 of the play by the same name, “That is the question.”  While my conundrum is not whether to live or die, it is how to choose to live until I die, which I do hope is not for quite some time.

So, my question to you, should anyone find this new blog site, what are your thoughts about living life after 50?  What wisdom do you have to share with me?

May you have a happy and blessed day!



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7 responses to “What are your thoughts about life after 50?

  1. Go Volksmarching, find a walking friend for just bring you pet. Stay connected with people. http://www.ava.org

    • Okay, walktx, I need some help. What is Volksmarching?

      • It is walking events you do and collect a stamp in a record book for your achievement. When you’ve filled you book you send it in and they send you a certificate, a hat pin, and an patch to commemorate you achievement. You name is also published in the bi-monthly American Wanderer newspaper. Check out my profile at http://profile.walktx.org/ and there is a short youtube video about it. They call it volkswalking but the official name is volksmarching.

  2. Very cool! I went to your site and watched the video. I’ve never heard of this, but I am truly interested now. I’ll have to check it out here in Tennessee. Good luck with reaching your walking goal. It sounds like you will easily make it given time. 🙂

  3. Don’t be afraid to re-invent and focus on the life you want. We spend so much of our lives where family is the only priority. This will always be important but it’s a waste not to find yourself.

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