Germany and Prague

Hello World!

When my husband and I married, I told him that I have suitcases, a passport, and will travel.  If he wants to keep up with me, he’d better get a passport. He did, and the travels have been great!

Our current travel adventure being planned is for an October 2013 trip to Germany with a few days in Prague, Czech Republic. Yay! Have any of you been to either of these countries before? While we have looked at travel books and online and have some ideas about what we want to do, we are still planning, so share your thoughts and ideas.  For this trip, we plan to stay in southern and more eastern Germany.

We booked our flights as soon as HH’s PTO was approved.  American Airlines is flying us free, except for taxes (thanks to frequent flyer miles), from Nashville to Berlin round trip with only one change of planes each way.  Parking at the airport is also free thanks to HH’s frequent parker points.  Our entire cost of air travel for this European Getaway is $210.80 for the taxes.  Oh, yeah!

A couple of weeks ago, I started booking hotels.  For me, it is important to know we have a place to sleep on our first night in the country and a place to sleep near the airport on our last night in the country.  Using Priority Club points (Holiday Inn chain of hotels), I found a nice and well-rated Hotel Indigo in downtown Berlin for our first night’s stay in Germany.  I booked a Holiday Inn Express near the airport, also using points, for our last night in Germany.  What falls in between has yet to be decided, but we need to decide and book soon. So far, our cost for lodging is $0, and if all goes well, that will be our final cost for lodging, and I have my eye on the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague.

It is the in-country travel, food, and attractions on which we plan to spend our money.  At the moment, I feel that we will spread out 9 days of actual on-the-ground time between three cities:  Berlin, Prague, and Munich.  Still, this is not written in stone, so please share any suggestions, especially as relates to things to do and see in one of these three areas.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have a happy and blessed day!


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