Volksmarching Anyone?

Do you get excited when you learn about something new that is quite amazing?  I do, and I have.  WalkTx left a comment on a post, which caused me to ask a question that led me to a new fun way to meet people, exercise, and travel.  It is called Volksmarching (or Volkswalking).  Click here if you want to go to WalkTx’s site to check it out, or you can go to the AVA web site to find out more and locate a club near you.  I did, and I found that there is a Volksmarching club here in Nashville.  I must check this out!

Thanks, WalkTx for sharing this!

Have a blessed and happy day!


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2 responses to “Volksmarching Anyone?

  1. Glad there is a club nearby. I clicked on follow so I can hopefully share some of your adventures!

    • I looked at events for the Nashville club, and it does not look like they are too creative – it seems to be the same two walks that are ongoing, but I intend to email the coordinator to find out more. Thanks for following. 🙂

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