The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men Gang aft agley

Hello World!

The title of this post quotes Robert Burns’ poem “To a Mouse, On Turning Her up in her Nest with the Plough.”  It is something that I learned in one of my earlier college literature classes, and it always comes to mind when things do not go as planned, which is what this line addresses.

If you, like me, are a planner, then perhaps you can identify with the plight of things not going according to plan – your plan, in particular. Woe to us planners.  Life can be a bit frustrating when our plans “gang aft agley.”

Case in point was the lovely date-night plans I had for us last night. Months ago I had purchased a Groupon for an Indian cuisine restaurant because my husband had never had that type of food and wanted to try it; the voucher expired this week. For several weeks I had planned that we should go there this weekend and visit an art framing shop before eating, for which I have another voucher to use.  Afterwards, we were going to see The Lone Ranger – a movie the HH really wanted to see on the big screen.

When I realized the frame shop closed at 4 PM and the restaurant did not open for dinner until 5:00 PM, I began checking to see if we could squeeze in the movie between the shop and the restaurant.  To my dismay, I learned that of the two theaters nearby, only one was still showing The Lone Ranger, and the only two showings were 6:00 PM and 9:20 PM.  Plans were not falling into place!

I did not want to have to find something to keep us busy from 4:00 to 5:00, so I suggested to the HH that we forego the frame shop this weekend; after all, the voucher for framing would be good until November.  Instead, we would arrive at the restaurant at 5:00 and then be at the theater, which was less than 2 miles away, at 6:00.  This agreed, we decided what time we would need to leave.  When time came to go, we were only a couple of minutes late getting out the door.

Then, we ran into difficulty getting our destination set into a GPS.  (Yes, we are often very dependent on a GPS, I am sad to say.) While waiting on the HH to get to the car, I started to engine and turned on the air to cool the car while I loaded the address into the car’s GPS system.  Since I have been too cheap to update the car’s GPS map in the 4 years we have had it, the address of the restaurant was so new that it was not recognized by the car GPS. Next, my husband put the address into the navigation application on his brand new Galaxy III S, but the directions would not load.  I realized the problem only after we had been waiting a couple of minutes.  He still had the phone looking for Wi-Fi, so he had to disable the Wi-Fi and go through most of the process again.  By this time, we were 10 minutes behind schedule.

Down the road several miles, I heard the sexy female voice indicate that we were to turn right and merge onto I-440. NO! Immediately, I told the HH to not do that, explaining that I-440 was closed for the weekend. I proceeded to take him another way that would avoid 440.  After exiting off of I-24, the dang GPS, which had recalculated the route, was telling us to go one way, but my gut and mind was telling me to go another way.  I hesitated, so my husband listened to the sexy voice of the GPS, and we found ourselves going the wrong direction with a decent distance to go before we could turn around.  When we finally knew that we were on the right track, we had an approximate 22 minute drive, and it was 4:46.

With a sigh of relief ready to escape my lips, the GPS indicated that we were at our destination, after another two or three other missed or wrong turns.  It was 5:08 when we walked into the restaurant.  The HH and I had already decided to go with the flow; we’d only miss previews if anything at all, at the movies. After truly enjoying our meal, we turned to the car GPS again. The ancient car GPS map was able to find the theater as the theater had been around longer than the GPS map loaded into my car.  Yet, my husband could not see the theater, so he became unhappy, turning and making another circular pass rather than listening to me telling him that I thought I saw it “that way.”  We did manage to find the theater on the second pass.  It was 5:58.   My husband dropped me out at the entrance of the movie theater, and I stepped up to buy tickets.  “Two for The Lone Ranger,” I said.  “I’m sorry; it is sold out,” the ticket booth lady told me. My response was, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

The HH joined me at that moment, and I shared the bad news.  The sales lady with through a list of other movies that would begin in the next 30 minutes.  All of which were titles in which we were not interested or had already seen.  What to do now?  Walking back to the car, I suggested we find some ice cream, knowing that I had the Entertainment book in the car with a BOGOF coupon for Maggie Moos.  Again, we fought the battle of the GPS, and after three attempts, each taking us to the same vacant store, we decided Maggie Moos had “gone home with the cows.”

Looking at each other, we knew what we had to do.  Go back home.  After getting off the Interstate near our home, we hit the Dairy Queen drive through for some ice cream.  The HH dropped me at home, and he went to an antique car show a few miles away.  He had asked me to go with him, but I declined and sent him on his way with full blessings.

So much for our well-planned date night.  It was not a total loss, though.  The Indian food was good, and the HH and I learned that we are even technology challenged when it comes to the technology we thought we understood.  I also learned that sometimes it can be beneficial to pay for updates, so I’m going to get the car GPS map updated very soon.

Have a blessed and happy day, and may your plans, if you are a planner, go well!



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