In Pursuit of My Goals After a Rough Four Years

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Tomorrow will be one month since I have seen my new PCP (primary care physician), and I have a follow up appointment in the morning.  One of my goals for this year (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) is to get off most, if not all, of my current medications.

In late 2009, just weeks apart, I was diagnosed as being diabetic and then as having very early stage breast cancer.  My emphasis for the next 3 or so years was dealing with the issues related to cancer.  I’m doing well there, having check ups with my surgeon every six months until I reach the 5-year mark.  I am a cancer survivor.

The past year was devoted to family needs.  The oldest daughter, pregnant with their first child, went through a high risk pregnancy; I needed to be available to help as needed.  The youngest son was getting married less than a month before our daughter’s due date. Both of these events were happening in Virginia, and we live in Tennessee.  Planning a rehearsal dinner from afar and then making arrangements to attend while also staying on top of what was going on with our daughter kept me focused. Then, after all of this, I needed to get our house prepared to sale (that meant repairs, painting, cleaning out to downsize, and then just plan cleaning).

Photo by David G. Turner, uncle of the groom

Photo by David G. Turner, uncle of the groom

Amanda Sammy and Chloe

Photo by Amanda Massey

Our son and his new bride made it through the wedding, and so did we, despite the scare the day of the rehearsal. Our daughter called to let us know she had once again been sent to the hospital for testing and observation.  While I tried to stay focused on the task at hand, my mind was wondering what I would do if she was kept in the hospital.  Thankfully, she was sent home and the wedding went well.  Then, going to our daughter’s home early, just in case, I was glad to be there when she had a very exciting, but scary, emergency C-Section 12/12/12.  Thankful once again, both she and our youngest grandson came through the ordeal and are continuing to do well.

January began months of hard work.  The goal was to list the house by April 1st, and then I could go visit all of the family.  The work done, house listed, and flights booked for the month’s travel,  I took off. On April 15th, while visiting our son and his wife in Savannah, Georgia, we received a call with an offer on the house; the folks wanted to close May 9th. As soon as I returned home from visiting, I had to jump through the hoops of requirements for sale, get the house packed (you see, HH was working in Texas – only home every other weekend at this time), us moved out, moved into our new place an hour away, and get the closing completed. *Deep sigh* It makes me tired thinking about it.

Photo made by Angela Johnson

Photo made by Angela Johnson

Now, past that year of activity and stress, living in a medical Mecca of sorts, it is time to focus on ME!

My new PCP told me the obvious; I need to lose weight to make my goal of getting off the meds possible.  Losing weight was another goal for the year. Tomorrow, I get to see what progress has been made and what the next steps will be. According to my at-home scales, I’ve lost 4 pounds this month; we will see what the doctor’s scales say.  My blood sugar readings are better than they were a month ago, but we have a way to go yet.

Do you have any medical goals?  Are you a diabetic who has successfully come off all of your medication?  If so, what tips do you have to share with me?

Have a blessed and happy day!


UPDATE: After my doctors’ visits, my weight loss was confirmed by physician’s scales.  All my labs were in the normal range except my blood sugar, but it was not too terrible.  My diabetes med was changed, and I was asked to continue making my lifestyle changes.  My next appointments are in 3 months.

ANOTHER UPDATE: During the week of August 11 – 17, 2013, with the current meds and diet/exercise efforts, my fasting blood sugar readings were within normal ranges.


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