Battle Plan

Hello World!

I’m preparing for battle. In order to meet one of my goals for this next year, getting off meds, I must fight and subdue one of my enemies: diabetes.  This battle has been brewing for some time.  In 2009, within weeks of each other, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and then extremely early stage Breast Cancer.  Most of the last four years has been focused on battling the big “C.”  While defenses cannot be pulled away, it appears this battle has been won, so now I must face another major foe, the big “D.”

I’ve spent the last two days meeting with my generals, my healthcare professionals. We have drawn up the battle plan. First, there is to be a change of current medication to help my body maintain while the other aspects of the battle plan are implemented. Next, I have to be more diligent about my diet. Fast food and processed food must be reduced while I eat even more of the fresh fruits and vegetables (farm fresh and organic when possible} I prefer purchasing. Thought must be given to choosing lower-glycemic foods over higher-glycemic foods. Then exercise must be increased and become more regular, which should help me reach another of my goals: completing a walk/run 5K. Finally, I need to lose weight, which is yet another of my goals for the year. It seems logical that if I do all mentioned above, weight loss should follow, so this battle plan may help me reach several of my goals while winning my war against diabetes.

Have a blessed and happy day!




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