“Tilting at Windmills”

Hello World!

Have you ever felt as if you were exhausted from fighting a faceless enemy?  It seems that every few weeks I end up spending the good part of a week day, “tilting at windmills.” According to “The Phrase Finder” at http://www.phrases.org/uk, the term “’tilting at windmills’ derives from Cervantes’ Don Quixote – first published in 1604, under the title The Ingenious Knight of La Mancha” and means “attacking imaginary enemies.”  While my application of this term to what I find I must do every few weeks is not an exact comparison, it is close enough for me.  Too frequently I must give up a good portion of a week day to “tilt at windmills.”

When I am doing battle with businesses, usually trying to correct financial errors, I become tired from the effort required.  It is a fight, and while not truly “enemies,” when at odds with these businesses, they feel like enemies because it seems they are trying to take what belongs to us: our money. Because of the way business is conducted these days, the “battles” are waged through emails or online message delivery systems  and on the phone – not face to face.  If one is lucky, one actually gets to speak with a real, live person.  While this can be draining, it is not nearly as frustrating as being caught in the maze of automatic call re-routing where a robotic voice gives you four choices, none of which meets your needs. This is the facelessness of the enemy; I battle with an apparition.  While I may have to imagine the form of this “enemy,” the entity is real because it reaches its clammy hand into our bank account to take more than what is its fair share.

Tomorrow is a “tilting at windmills” day.  First, the HH and I discovered a business had charged our credit card $615.00 twice for the same items.  It is rare something like this is not caught earlier by me, but it occurred at a busy time for us, and the charges posted on two different statements.  The first charge was one of the last on one credit card statement and the second charge was one of the first on the next cycle.  The next battle relates to our cell bill. A week ago our cell phone bill showed us as past due, but our bank account showed the electronic payment was made to Verizon two days before the due date.  I’ve spoken with someone at Verizon twice, and each person said the error was on the part of Verizon; they’ve lost the payment, probably having posted it to the wrong account.  Yet, I received a nasty gram today; a reminder of a past due balance from them.  This problem should already be resolved after a week, and one should not send late notices to someone when the business has already admitted it made a mistake in posting the payment, not that the payment was not made.

So, like Don Quixote, I will dress for battle and face my windmills in the morning!

Have a blessed and happy day!



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