Brain Boot Camp

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Of late, the idea of a “boot camp” to get in physical shape has become fashionable.  I’m not going to argue that it is not a good idea.  Just after leaving the school at which I last taught, an exercise boot camp was established in the afternoons in order to reduce insurance premiums.  This was obviously a successful program as I know of at least one former colleague in the 50+ age range who lost 50+ pounds.

I’ve mentioned in several posts about my desire to lose weight, but I think a brain boot camp is in order also.

You’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it,” and I believe this is true.  During my approximate 15 years where I was mostly a stay-at-home mom, I don’t think I exercised my brain on an adult level enough.  While focused on helping the children develop their brains, I let mine go to mush.  Don’t get me wrong.  When ready to enter back into the world of academia, I took the GRE “cold turkey” and did very well despite the fact that I had not taken a college class in 25 years. Yet, I knew that I was not as sharp as I had been.  I don’t want a similar thing to happen while I am not currently engaged in teaching.  I will do my required professional development to keep my teaching credentials in tact, but I want to go above and beyond only the required; I want to expand my mind; I want to be engaged in a brain boot camp of sorts.

Later this month there is a writers’ workshop being held in Nashville.  It is the 8th Annual Killer Nashville Conference – a writers’ workshop geared toward writing murder mysteries, and I am registered to attend.  Hopefully, I will be challenged mentally while also learning new skills that I can apply to my current explorations and may also be able to use  in classroom teaching, should I decide to return to that later on. I’m viewing this three-day conference as the first of what I hope will be monthly opportunities for being mentally engaged and stimulated – mini brain boot camps, if you will.

What do you do to keep your mind sharp and expand your mental horizons?

Have a blessed and happy day!



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  1. Spending too much time surfing the internet keeps my brain sharp!

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