The Selling of America

Hello World! 

I just saw an article on; it is titled “Chinese investors betting on Detroit comeback, buy up real estate.” This brought to mind something about which I have been concerned for many years now: the selling of America to China and other countries. In 2008, I expressed concern to my representatives over the portion of the U. S. debt owned by China; needless to say, this amount has only grown since then. Over the years I have read several articles discussing the way individuals and businesses from China have been purchasing property and businesses here in America. If you remember, in May 2013, it was announced that a Chinese company had purchased Smithfield.  You can read about this in the article “Chinese buy Smithfield Foods: Shuanghui to pay $ 4.7B for US meat producer” posted on  Similar articles may be found on other news-reporting sites.

The Washington Times reported the following in the article “Foreign buyers snapped up U. S. assets in 2008” (June 6, 2009). “Since 1992, 90 percent of $2.2 trillion in foreign direct investment has gone to acquire existing U.S. assets worldwide,’ said Charles McMillion, chief economists of MBG Information Services.” A perfect example of this is InBev SA’s take over of Anheuser-Busch; InBev SA is a Belgian company. You can read about this in’s July 14, 2008 article “Anheuser-Busch Agrees to InBev Sale.”

Do we really want to sell so much of our country – so many of our businesses – to foreign investors?  Having such a huge national debt is bad in and of itself, but do we really want to have one or two countries hold the bulk of that debt?  If so, what happens when our debt is called in and we cannot pay it?  What happens when so many major American employers are no longer owned by Americans?

These are just some of my concerns.  I’ll save my discussion of products made in the USA and buying items made in the USA for another day.

Just think about it.

Have a happy and blessed day!



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