Firing Range Fun

Hello World!

I don’t know what you think about citizens owning guns, but I am pro 2nd amendment.  In fact, I’m in the market for a new handgun.  I grew up on a farm in southern Middle Tennessee, and my dad had a small arsenal. My parents gave me a BB rifle, and I learned to shoot using it.  I got pretty darn good, and my dad nicknamed me “Annie Oakley.”  That was a compliment.  I went on to shoot regular rifles and shotguns, taking part in the rifle range activities at 4-H camp. Despite all of this, I can only remember shooting a handgun once, and I did not do too well.

Me Shooting

Me Shooting

The HH Shooting

The HH Shooting

Now that I am thinking of getting a handgun and a permit to carry, I thought a good place to go might be a firing range, so I could see how well I could do shooting one.  As a result, the HH and I spent the afternoon at at local firing range, and we had a great time. Thanks to Groupon, we both got enjoy this adventure – range fees, gun use, 50 rounds of ammo each, and safety gear use – for the cost of one. He and I had a great time, and now we are discussing getting his and her handguns.

HH's Target

HH’s Target

My target

My target

What did I learn?  I learned that my husband is a better shot with a handgun than I am; he will likely get you in the heart or head.  If I shot you, it would probably be quite a bit more painful. While I did have shots in the red zone of the target, more of mine would be in the stomach area with several in the throat area. Hopefully, I never have a reason to need to aim a gun at a living thing; however, I do want to enjoy the sport of shooting, and I do want to exercise my right to bear arms for protection of me and mine.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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