Scottish Siren’s Song

Hello World!

Have you ever had something you want to do so badly that you can’t seem to get it off your mind? Sometimes when I get something in my head, I can’t get it out.

This is the case with my desire to go back to Scotland.  It is as if the seductive song of the Scottish siren calls to me. Of course, I’m sure the fact the HH and I have been binge watching a BBC television show titled Monarch of the Glen, which is set (of course) in the highlands of Scotland, has not helped my obsession.  Since we have not been to the Scottish Highlands yet, this is exactly where we want to go. Many of my ancestors hailed from the highlands and isles of Scotland. To make my “want” worse, we have friends who are currently on an 18-day trip to England and Scotland. I’ve told the HH that a trip to Scotland can be my birthday and anniversary gifts for this next year.  He didn’t say “no,”  so I’ve been looking at potential rental cottages and flights.

Is it not sad that I’m already wanting to plan another trip when we have a big trip coming in October to Germany and Prague and our family vacation in the north Georgia mountains in March? Sad or not, I’m trying to figure out an affordable way to make another trip happen in the next 12 months.  Flights using frequent flyer miles going into the U. K. are not too expensive, but coming home to the U. S. is another thing.  Taxes and fees going into the U. K. are about $10 for both of us, but coming home from the U.K. looks to run  a total of about $700 – $800 in taxes and fees. That is not in the acceptable cost range for us, so I’m looking for more affordable ways around this. I think that we can add a bit of adventure to the trip and save some money to boot.  For less than $100, the HH and I can probably take a ferry from the west coast of the U.K. to Dublin, Ireland.  The returned flight from Dublin will only cost about $200 in taxes and fees for both of us to return to the U. S. That will save at least $400.

 What do you think Glen Croft Cottage?

What do you think of Glen Croft Cottage very near Inverness and a 1/2 mile from Loch Ness?

Usually, we stay free in Priority Club properties using points; however, we are considering renting a cottage for some of the time we are in Scotland again.  While I am, of course, looking for economical options, I am also wanting an experience that includes a small village, not a cottage that is totally isolated or an apartment inside of a town of size. Does this sound silly? Would you want to stay someplace where you can walk a short distance (half a mile or so) to the local pub? This sounds so cool to me.

Well, back to dreaming and planning our travels.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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