Live, Work, and Wait?

Hello World!

I’m a list maker and a planner.  The poor HH, who is both a creature of habit and a spontaneous spirit, has learned to live with my planning personality, and I do try to be a bit spontaneous for him.  Yet, I can’t get away from my list making and planning ahead; it is just an integral part of who I am. Once I have a plan in place, it is then, and only then, that I am fully inspired to act with enthusiasm to put the plan into action. I’m sure my dear hubby sometimes wonders if my plans will ever take shape, but I do believe that most of the time he is happy with the results of well-implemented plans.

When I started this blog a few weeks ago, in the “About” section as well as in some of my first  posts, I alluded to the fact that I am attempting to discover what it is that I want to do with my life at this time. Though I am ready to shed the bondage of “punching a regular time clock,” I am not ready to give up being a productive member of society. While hoping to find fulfillment and joy in what comes next, I’d also like some monetary compensation, and the HH hopes this to be true, too.

How does what I have just written relate to planning?  I’m looking for the perfect plan to make all of this happen, and for some reason, I find planning to be challenging. To be honest, even if planning were easy and perfect in this situation, some things are beyond our control. Perhaps I am trying too hard and spending more time planning than just doing and letting what is meant to be come to me.  After all, each of my most fulfilling paid jobs more or less came to me rather than me looking for them.  The rest of the in-between jobs were just that – jobs that came in-between to help connect me to the next thing.

What comes to mind is a scene from one of our favorite movies: Under the Tuscan Sun (2003). The main character, played by Diane Lane, is a writer and teacher who is blind-sided by her cheating husband.  Divorced and lost, she acts on a whim while on vacation in Italy, using the money from her divorce settlement to buy a run-down villa. Lane’s character, Frances, works hard at everything from getting the house the way she wants it to finding love and friendship in her new homeland.  Finally, an eccentric lady named Katherine who befriends Frances tells her a story about looking for lady bugs as a child.  Katherine could never find them until she would quit looking and fall asleep, and then she would wake to find herself covered by lady bugs.  What Katherine is telling Frances is to forget about looking so hard for what she wants.  Instead, she should go home and do the work before her and wait.  It all worked out for Frances.  Then again, this was a movie, but that does not mean good life lessons cannot come from movies or the stories of others.

Perhaps this is good advice for me and for all of us. Is there a time to plan and a time to work and wait? My part may be in the planning and doing what I can do and then waiting for the universe, fate, God – however you want to say it – to put the opportunities before me rather than stressing about it. What do you think?  

Have a blessed and happy day!




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4 responses to “Live, Work, and Wait?

  1. What she didn’t say is she passed it on to her daughter who was blessed with a baby that is so anti schedule it is crazy. =X

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