Filling an Empty Tummy When Out and About without Emptying the Wallet

Hello World!

Do you find yourself with days where you have quite a bit going on and you have not prepared ahead for eating?

McDonald's Weekly Burger Deals in Nashville

McDonald’s Weekly Burger Deals in Nashville

My last couple of days have been like this; I’ve had several things planned and then several things that came up. How can you eat out without having the cost empty your wallet?  If you are in an area you know fairly well, you may be able to take advantage of restaurant specials.  For example, as far as I know, all of the Nashville McDonald’s restaurants have 50 cent hamburger Mondays and 60 cent cheeseburger Wednesdays with $1 sodas or teas, any size, all day long every day.

Half of the California Chicken Salad

Half of the California Chicken Salad

Although yesterday was Wednesday, McDonald’s did not appeal to me; however, the HH’s favorite salad of all, the O’Charley’s California Chicken Salad, did.  Since there is no way I can eat the entire salad alone, and I am not paying 15% less for 50% less food to get the half size, as soon as I placed my order, I asked for a “to go” box.  It was 5:00 p.m. , and I had not eaten since 10 a.m., so I sipped my free water and munched on the free, unlimited rolls while I waited for my order.  When the salad arrived, I divided it equally between the “to go” box and my salad bowl. The “to go” box would be another meal for Thursday.  Dinner was yummy, but there was more of a treat ahead.

O'Charley's Free Pie Wednesday

O’Charley’s Free Pie Wednesday

You see, I knew that Wednesday was free pie day at O’Charley’s, which was another reason to put half the salad into a “to go” box.  I had ordered apple pie; half was eaten there, and half was taken “to go” for dinner the next night with the remaining salad.

It gets even better because my ticket was the lucky “take a survey” ticket.  As a result of a minute or two to take the online survey, the HH and I will have a free appetizer the next time we go, which will probably be in a couple of weeks since he simply loves that salad.

Today turned out to be another crazy, busy day – even more so than yesterday – so I am really  happy to know that dinner, including dessert, is waiting on me. However, I was wondering what was I going to do for lunch.  As I was between errands, I was paying attention to what was written on the signs of some of the places I enjoy eating. BINGO! Sonic had a notice up that today, August 15th, was half-price cheeseburger day.  On my way home, I zipped in to Sonic, ordered my cheeseburger, and headed back to the ole homestead. After unloading the car of my farmers’ market goodies, I poured myself a glass of Ginger Ale and opened my cheeseburger; lunch was served.  Sonic cheeseburgers are MUCH better than the regular McDonald’s cheeseburgers; this makes me glad that I went the salad route yesterday. 

Sonic's Special of the Day

Sonic’s Special of the Day

How do you keep the cost of eating out down when you find yourself too busy running around to cook and eat and you have forgotten to prepare ahead?

Have a blessed and happy day!



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