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Do you want to know of a way to have a truly great time without going far, far away?  One way to do this is to act like you are a tourist in your own town. The HH and I had a blast today!  He and I went on a Hick Chicks Bus Tour of Nashville, and it was a true HOOT!  Now, if you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that I love saving money, so you will not be surprised to learn that we got a deal through a Living Social. Last weekend, I made reservations for us to use our deal vouchers and take the tour today.  It was awesome.  Not only did we have a great tour guide and learn things that we did not know about Nashville, we laughed so hard that I actually ached from laughing.  Christy, our guide, was knowledgeable and funny.  In addition, to the fantastic tour, we were lucky enough to be on the outing with a bunch of hilarious folks, several of whom joined us for lunch.

Here are some of the things we did.

Hick Chicks Tour Bus, Nashville, TN

Hick Chicks Tour Bus, Nashville, TN

Christy, our tour guide

Christy, our tour guide

First, we met our tour guide and boarded the bus in front of Dick’s Last Resort.  We drove throughout Nashville from the Riverfront area out to West End and visited a variety of other places in the city.  We made a couple of stops that gave us a chance to get off the bus to look around, get something to eat or drink, or go to the “loo.” One of our stops was at the Bootlegger’s Inn, and here we sampled moonshine.  Yep, that is what I said, moonshine. We also enjoyed the music of an energetic country band.

Sm glass: Watermelon Moonshine Larger glassWhite Lightening Lemonade Bootlegger's Inn, Nashville, TN

Watermelon Moonshine and White Lightening Lemonade
Bootlegger’s Inn, Nashville, TN

Country Band at Bootlegger's Inn

Country Band at Bootlegger’s Inn

Once the tour was over, Christy gave us all discount coupons for several downtown eateries.  The HH and I had already discussed the potential of eating at Dick’s Last Resort, so when we got a coupon for Dick’s, that sealed the deal for our lunch meal.

The HH and I thought we had a good time on the bus tour, but the fun continued at lunch since about six of our tour-mates joined us at a table in the restaurant.  Now, if you’ve not been to Dick’s Last Resort, it can be hilarious, but once again, it is mature fun.  I do not recommend taking the young ones there.

Our newly-met friends mostly originated from Indiana.  Two now live in Brentwood, Tennessee, and one lives in Cullman, Alabama.  Five ladies and one gent, all of whom enjoy having a good time – and are a little more into drinking than the HH and I.  If you happen to know the policy of servers’ behavior toward customers at Dick’s, then you may appreciate this comment.  If not, this will fly right over your head.  Our tour-mates were more than a match for our servers; they gave better than they got. LOL

Here are some pictures from our rowdy lunch-time fun.  My husband and I had a blast with some truly nice people, most all of us around 50 I might add, who know how to have a good time; they kept us smiling.

Our Server (Yes, she is sitting on our table.)

Our Server (Yes, she is sitting on our table.)


We all looked like these folks before lunch was done.

Some of our tour-mates

Some of our tour-mates

Get out in your area and be a tourist, have fun, meet new people, and love living life after 50. Have a blessed and happy day!




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