For the Love of Our Fur Babies

Hello World!

How many of you have a child (or children) who just happen to have fur (or feathers or scales)?  We have an almost seven-year-old fur baby named Chewie. We think he is a lab/golden retriever/shiba inu mix, but since he is a rescue, we don’t know and don’t care; he is our baby.

Chewie with his tail held high

Chewie with his tail held high

Technically, he is our youngest son’s dog, but he has lived with us since we rescued him from an animal shelter when he was four months old. The only exception is the three and a half months Chewie lived with our youngest son and his wife in Savannah, Georgia, while we sold our house and moved.

If you have a pet as a part of your family, you know that you care for him or her as if he or she were one of your own children. This past Wednesday night, while I slept, Chewie began licking and biting his tail.  When I discovered what he had done the next morning, I began treating the sore with “hot spot” meds and, though I hated to do so, I put the “cone of shame” on him whenever I could not keep watch to make sure he was not continuing to lick/chew on his tail. Unfortunately, Chewie was able to get in a position where he could move his tail inside the cone, so it did nothing to help.  It was obvious what I had to do:  Take him to the vet.

Chewie's Sore Tail

Chewie’s Sore Tail

Friday afternoon, we drove all the way back to where we lived before – about an hour away – to visit his vet, as we had already decided to continue taking Chewie to his usual vet  – the one to whom we have taken Chewie since we first adopted him. Dr. Hill was glad we came in, but we do not know for sure what was the catalyst for his chewing.  The poor baby had to have part of his tail shaved in order to be treated.  We left with four different types of meds – two topical and two oral.

Luckily, the HH came home Friday night, so I have had him here to help me treat our baby; it takes two since Chewie is a big boy.  One of us has to hold him still and sooth him while the other cleans his wound and puts the powder antibiotic on his tail.  The one soothing is the “good guy” (aka HH), and the one treating Chewie is the “bad guy” (aka ME).  If looks could kill!  Chewie looks at me as if I have totally abused him after I have treated his sore tail; it makes me want to cry.  Like with our human children, sometimes we have to “hurt” our fur babies for their own good and well-being because we love them. At that moment, they, like our children, don’t understand. I know he will continue loving me anyway; he knows we love him.  Our family would feel incomplete without our fur baby. How about yours?

The HH Soothing Chewie After Tail Treatment

The HH Soothing Chewie After Tail Treatment

Have a blessed and happy day!



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