More Beauty Without the Beast

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In Beauty Without the Beast, I shared one tactic I use to procure salon services for a fraction of the normal fees. For all of my fellow money-saving feens, here is another method I use to enjoy high-end beauty treatments most ladies will appreciate. Using deal sites such as Groupon, Living Social, and HalfOffDepot, I purchase massages, facials, professional laser hair removal treatments, etc. for a fraction of the normal cost.

Let me give you a couple of examples. Back in February Nashville Laser Spa ran a deal through HalfOffDepot. The offer was three laser hair removal treatments, a value of $900, for $69. It got better. You see, HalfOffDepot will often run specials that further reduce the price of the deal. I purchased these treatments for $37.50! I then paired this deal voucher purchase with a Groupon deal of three treatments for $99, so I received the value of six treatments (full price would be $1,800) for a total of $136.50 – a savings of over 92%. I’ve also purchased massages, like the one from Gold Star Salon and Spa in Clarksville, Tennessee, where I received an hour-long massage for $30 (regular price was $65), which saved me 54%.

I’ve had extremely good luck with these type purchases, but as is always prudent, check out the service provider before you purchase.  You can go to the providers’ web site and see whether or not the business looks professional. Reading online reviews will give you a feel for things also, but to be completely honest, more folks will write a review if they have an ax to grind  than if they are pleased with the services.  In addition, unscrupulous competitors have been known to write fake reviews, so use common sense,too.  Keep your eyes and minds open, and you may find that you, too, can get more beauty without the beast of a price.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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