Fruitlicious Sweets and Sweet Breads

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Boy, oh boy, does our place smell yummy!  It is getting that time of year – the time when harvest is so bountiful and baking begs to be done.  So far today, I’ve made applesauce spice bread and banana nut bread (yeah, I know – not usual harvest for Tennessee – but what’s a girl to do when bananas need to be used?). I got my recipes from, and here are the links:  Banana Bread and Applesauce Spice Bread.  

Bread Baking L-Applesauce Spice R-Banana Nut

Bread Baking
L-Applesauce Spice and R-Banana Nut

Finished Products

Finished Products

I made a few modifications, like using pecans instead of walnuts or adding some ground flaxseed, but these recipes were used as the base for each.  Since I had apples that needed to be eaten also, I made my own applesauce.



Next, I have some fresh peaches and some Granny Smith apples that need to be used to make something scrumptious. It is hard to beat a Southern Peach Cobbler, but a Peach Crisp sounds mouth-watering also. Cinnamon baked apples is a fan favorite, but I’m thinking about trying something new like Apple Dumplings; I’ve never made those before. Have you?

What kind of fruitlicious sweets and sweet breads do you enjoy cooking?

Have a blessed and happy day!




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