Hello World!

At this time tomorrow morning, I will be at the Hutton Hotel in midtown Nashville to attend my first ever Writers’ Conference; it is

Killer Nashville.

After yesterday’s post, I’m sure some of you are hoping there are sessions on blogging technology, and that would be helpful, but I didn’t see that on the list of options.

I’ve decided to stick with the more basic classes of developing plot, character, killer openings (get the pun), etc.  that can be translated to most any genre, but there is one thing happening at the conference that is calling to my sleuth side for sure.  There will be a crime scene set up by the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation), and the conference attendees will have a competition to solve the murder mystery.  Heck, I can do it. Wasn’t my husband and I one of three teams who solved the dinner Murder Mystery last month?  LOL

I am beyond excited  and a bit nervous.  What do I wear?  What do I take with me?  Since I plan to take the commuter train to the city in the morning, can I get up and going early enough? Will the HH and Chewie make it all weekend without me being home during the day? Will my head explode from all of the information? As a newbie, will I stand out like a sore thumb?

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!

Have a blessed and happy day!



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August 22, 2013 · 8:05 AM

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