Last Day At Killer Nashville

Hello World!

Today was the last day of Killer Nashville, and it was a smashing way to end the weekend conference.The last two workshops attended were both spectacular.

As predicted, Jodie Renner’s session Writing Workshop 3 Engage Your Readers with Deep Point of View was as good as I had hoped and more. It was my first workshop of the day.  Plans for attending the second workshop changed when I realized the presenter who bored me close to tears was on the panel for The Iceberg Theory: Using Subtext to Create Depth and Dimension. While this may seem mean, I did not want to be in the room with him, so I made a quick decision to switch rooms and attend another workshop.  This turned out to be a fantastic choice.  The panel of ladies leading Funny Business: Humorous Mysteries not only were informative and inspirational, they were entertaining, causing me to end the conference laughing.  Both sessions receive 3 out of 3 stars from me!

Overall, Killer Nashville was better than expected, and I am sure it would have been exciting to actually stay at the hotel and be able to interact on a more personal level with the other writers who did stay at the hotel. Of course, it would go against my nature to spend money unnecessarily to stay at an expensive hotel when I live 11 miles from it.

Still, I do see myself attending the 9th Annual Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference next year.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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