“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Hello World!

Freshly inspired after attending the weekend conference, I’m motivated to be productive, but it is the follow through, or lack thereof, of my organizational plans that is sabotaging my productivity.  Perhaps I am searching for a unicorn, something that is mythical and unattainable, in my quest for a perfectly ordered schedule.

Really, do I want too much?  All I want is to be able to organize everything that I want or need to do each day, each week, into regular time segments and then be able to complete each task as planned without interruption from the outside world or without a lack of energy or desire on my part.  What is so bad about that?

Getting out of bed about the same time each day without the irritation of a nasty alarm, hitting the floor with a burst of energy and enthusiasm,  attacking each task with passion, and finishing the day with a sense of accomplishment, is all I want to be able to do. Is this too much to ask or expect?

Unfortunately, the effects of age and bad health habits impede my body’s ability to follow through with my mind’s commands to “cheerfully hit the floor running;”  a variety of outside influences, yet unknown at this point as to what they will be today, will interfere with my schedule.

How then, does one inch toward the goal of well-organized and well-managed use of time when initial attempts seem so doomed to failure?  One must persevere, and take a cue from our cousins across the big pond and stoically “carry on.”

Thus, I must not be dismayed when my organized schedule for the day seems to face ruin within 30 minutes of waking. I must reclaim as much of the schedule as I can and remember that if I do those things planned, that at some point it may no longer be as hard for me to get my body to respond well to the commands of my mind – the part of me that craves structure and order as a necessary component for being (feeling) productive.

Have a blessed and happy day and “carry on”!



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