Next to the Last Bell Pepper: A Life Lesson

Hello World!

One of the things I love about living in Tennessee is that we have four true seasons, at least most years.  This morning, as I stepped onto our patio, one of the subtle hints of a change of season was present in our bell pepper plant; there were only two peppers remaining.  I plucked the next to the last bell pepper and proceeded to cook breakfast, sautéing part of the pepper  and adding it, along with onion, garlic, and cheese, to my scrambled eggs.

As I see the plants on our patio, planted in late winter or early spring, having produced beauty and food throughout late spring and up until this present time of summer, it is these plants, as they begin to tire after all of their hard work, that signal a coming change of seasons.  In a little over three weeks, we move into fall. As far as the seasons go, autumn is my favorite time of year because it is so lovely outside, and we still enjoy the bounty of fall fruits and vegetables. The flowers of fall as a group are the loveliest of the year, at least for me. Yet, it is fall that ends in bleakness and ushers in the cold, dreary season of winter, so I find the coming of fall both bitter and sweet.

As many writers have made the metaphorical connection before, our lives are like the seasons of the year. I’ve reached early fall, and it is my hope that there is still an abundance of productivity left in me as there is yet an abundance of fall fruit and vegetables.  It is my desire that in this fall of my life that I may bloom more beautifully then ever before, so that when I do end my fall season and move into winter, I can enjoy the memories of the seasons before, especially those of my autumn.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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