Closet Horror and the Monsters that Hide There

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When the HH and I sold our house so we could downsize, I thought I had done an amazing job of getting rid of junk, clothes, dishes, furniture, etc. we no longer needed (or would need)  After all, our almost 2,700 sq. ft. home, with 8 closets (1 was a walk in), two huge above the garage storage areas, and the garage itself, was looking pretty empty.

Then, we moved into our 1,150 sq. ft. interim apartment with a total of 2 closets inside and a small storage closet off of the patio.  There are a few cabinets in the kitchen, and cabinet space under the sinks in the bathrooms.  THAT. IS. IT. Yes, we use a small storage unit, but that is for things we only need once or twice a year or that have more sentimental value than useful value.

My Closet Horror

My Closet Horror

This is what the small walk-in closet off the master bedroom in our apartment looks like; it is closet horror! Not only is it difficult to move in there, it can be almost impossible to locate what we want.  In addition, we have two chest of drawers full of clothes – you know the things that aren’t normally hung such as socks and undies, and there is a door-hanging shoe bag filled with shoes that belong to the HH alone; my shoes are stuffed out of sight under the clothes in the closet (or are sitting around in places where I kicked them off) Can you believe that we got rid of two plus car loads of clothes and shoes before we moved?

To add to the mess, I know that I have more clothes than I need (60% or more of what you see is mine), especially since I don’t have to maintain a daily “teaching” outfit at present. If I am brutally honest, at this time, I almost never wear 85% of the clothes I own.  The HH wears most of his, but he rotates from his professional attire to casual attire to “who-cares-because-I’m-relaxing-at-home stuff.  But me?  If you pull out the dresses that I wear when absolutely needed but they fit me okay, then I am guessing that I could relinquish at least 50% of the items here because I don’t wear them for reasons such as the color does not look good on me; they do not fit me well enough to wear; I  don’t like the feel of the material; I don’t have pants (or a skirt or a top) that matches the item, or they are simply to worn out because I loved wearing the items so much that I wore them to death.

Now, I know rationally, that I should go in there, pull out everything that is mine, and once again (because I did this twice before we moved in May) separate items into three piles: throw away, give away, and keep.  The idea of doing this makes my blood run cold, and I think that the reason is I am afraid.  I’m afraid that if I get rid of something else, I’ll wish I had not; I’m afraid that if I get rid of so much of my wardrobe, I’ll not have enough clothes when needed; I’m afraid that if I clean out my bursting closet, that I’ll find myself needing to spend money unnecessarily to replace items. These are emotional monsters that hide in the closet.

When I read what I have just written, I sound pathetic even to myself.  Logically, it seems that I will find freedom in being able to remove excess and gaining the ability to find those things needed and used.  Logically, it is stupid to have a closet filled with items one does not wear when others might benefit from the clothes now. Logically, if I don’t wear the clothes now because of the reasons stated, then it is almost the same as not owning them at all; should I need something more appropriate to wear, I will still have to go buy something.

Happiness and security is not in owning things we do not need.  I know this mentally; it is my emotions that I must battle. One day soon, I’m going to face the horror in my closet; the monsters that hide there must be removed.  After order and freedom are restored, then I will need some Wardrobe S. O. S. to have workable options for outfits without excess in ownership.  All this I know is true just as well as I know that today will not be the day these things happen, but one day it will.

Have you ever faced a similar situation?  What did you do?

Have a blessed and happy day!



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