How Needing New Brake Pads Led to Driving Away in a Mustang

Hello World!

There is an expression that life is stranger than fiction, and I have a real-life story to tell that I’d never have attempted to write in a novel because it seems so unbelievable.

At my last oil change, after the usual inspection, it was pointed out that my rear brakes were rated at 5, and 2 indicates brakes are gone completely.  Keep in mind, these are the original brakes, and I’ve been driving the car for 4 years. It had been a couple of months since that assessment, and I knew that a $50 rebate on Ford brake work would expire this past Saturday, so I made the decision to go ahead and have the brakes service while I could save $50 and not have to worry about the brakes over the next couple of months.

I asked the HH if he felt up to driving the 5 or 6 miles to the dealership, and he said he did.  I did not want to have to wait for 2 to 3 hours for the work to be completed. He parked and waited for me while I got the car set up for service. As we were leaving, a red mustang caught his eye, and he commented on it. Later that day, when he took me back to the dealership to pick up my Fusion, I paid for the service on my car while he was checking to see if the dealership could also do a oil change on his BMW.  He was making plans to bring his car Isabelle back the next weekend for an oil change.

Isabelle, the HH's BMW Z3

Isabelle, the HH’s BMW Z3 soon after he bought her

Instead of heading to our cars, he said, “Hey, let’s go check out the red mustang.” I was not excited; I thought it was a waste of time. The next thing I knew, he was talking to a salesman about taking it out for a test drive. Two and a half hours later, the HH drove home in the red mustang instead of his beloved BMW Z3 roadster Isabelle! The HH truly traded his “mistress” in on a younger “lady.”  You see, Izzy is a 2001, and Reba is a 2008 with only 38,000 on her.

Reba the Mustang

Reba the Mustang

My spontaneous HH acted on a whim. Had I taken my car in and waited for the service, he would never have seen the red mustang, but I didn’t, and he did. When we got up Saturday morning, neither of us expected to go shopping for another car, much less trading the BMW for another vehicle that same day.

Do you our your spouse ever have any crazy on-a-whim moments like this one?

Have a happy and blessed day!



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