Those Not-So-Fun Medical Tests

Hello World!

It is a bitter sweet relationship we have with medical advances and technology. We are so very thankful for the good the various tests do for us, but the actual tests themselves can be things we don’t enjoy or perhaps even hate.

Friday, the HH had the I’m-over-50 colonoscopy.  After my dad was found to have colon cancer as a result of a similar routine exam, his doctor recommended that my brother and I have a screening colonoscopy even though we were then just either side of 40, so I’ve experienced what he has recently experienced. Continuing to fill his glass with the awful pre-test cocktail, I felt for him as he went through the prep.  As I sat with him in recovery, I once again empathized with how it feels to come out of the stupor resulting from general anesthesia.  Once home, he spent hours in the sleeping-it-off phase; however, I did have to wake him to get some food into him after the bulk of two days with only liquids, knowing how hungry one can get.

This month, I am to go to my OB/GYN for the annual “well-woman” exam, and I am already dreading it.  As a postmenopausal woman who has had a bi-lateral mastectomy, I find it harder and harder to subject myself to the annual torture (as it feels to me, though I have a wonderful doctor).  I know there are still good reasons to have the physical exam and normal lab work done. From what I have read, continuing the annual visit is recommended until at least age 65.  While I will continue having my annual visit, that doesn’t mean I like it.  I see it as something I need to do for my health, though it is a despised event.

As we get older, especially after age 50, it seems that more and more of these undesirable tests are recommended for our own good, and this point is not something I argue.  While good for us, many of these tests and procedures are something dreaded.  This is the case with me.  What about with you?

Have a blessed and happy day!



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