More Than Meets the Eye

Hello World!

I’m curious.  What kind of description do you think you would give to a person who can honestly say that he or she has done all of the following (in no particular order):

  • has taken part in a cattle drive
  • has coached Babe Ruth baseball and the team went to state tournament
  • has flown a plane and navigated for another pilot
  • has tubed down multiple rivers, one of which had white water
  • rode a camel in the Middle East
  • camped on both sides of the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains
  • kayaked off the coast of Georgia
  • was pulled over as a suspected bank robber
  • has visited with Pennsylvania Amish in their homes
  • had tea with Bedouins in a tent
  • played pool and danced with cowboys in Calvary, Alberta, Canada
  • has ridden a train into the Swiss Alps
  • has traveled to almost every state in the U. S., including Alaska and Hawaii
  • academic honor student
  • has dined with senators and congressmen
  • came in second in a beauty contest
  • has traveled to a dozen foreign countries
  • was a member of Civil Air Patrol

Do you have a description in your mind that you might give this person?

Would that description be anything like this?

Middle-aged mother/step-mother to six children and seven grandchildren living in Middle Tennessee and currently battling the middle-age spread

If not, then you may not have the right  idea about the person these statements describe because they are all true about me. 🙂

Perhaps you should make a similar list of things that are true about you and see that you are more than what people may think – you are more than meets the eye.

Have a blessed and happy day!




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2 responses to “More Than Meets the Eye

  1. I don’t know mom I’m a pretty average stay at home military wife and mom.

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