Making Your Voice Heard – Do You Do It?

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In our form of government, elected representatives are suppose to vote according to the wishes of his or her constituency, so it is not only our responsibility to become educated on the platform of those who run for elected positions and then vote for the one we deem best, but it is also our civic responsibility to stay informed and share our opinions, concerns, thoughts, and ideas with those who are elected to represent us. It does not matter if we voted for these people or not; they still represent us.

I’m not one to email or call my senators and representatives on a daily, weekly, or evenly monthly basis.  Perhaps I do not share my views often enough, but when there is something of significant interest or concern to me, I do contact my elected officials, and I expect that these men and women will take what those whom they serve say into the decision making process.

Without going into detail about my beliefs and views, let’s just say that there are some issues at the moment about which I feel strongly, so over the last few days I have emailed my representatives.  This morning, I called the Washington, D. C. office of each senator from the state of Tennessee and the Washington, D. C. office of our representative in the House to express my desires and giving support for my reasoning.

One person may not make much of a ripple, much less a splash, but if only 20% of the people in any given area were to make an effort to email, write, or even better, call his or her representatives, then there is a ripple – not just a ripple, but a splash.  It is very simple to find the list of representatives for each state and the contact numbers from a web search, so if you are not up on your politics, you can still do this.  In fact, click HERE to go to a web site that will give you the information needed. Regardless of your political beliefs or views, I urge you to exercise you civic duty respectfully.  Vote on election day, and in between elections, use your voice and be heard, but don’t be mean and vulgar.  Share your views clearly, succinctly, and with respect, but let your voice be heard.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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