Why Some British Television Shows Are Addictive

Hello World!

Over the past year, I have become addicted to several British television shows, but I am not alone.  My husband is addicted; my daughter is addicted; my mother-in-law is addicted; my circle of female friends are addicted.  Why?

While I’ve not discussed this with my daughter or mother-in-law, I have had this discussion with my husband and some of my girlfriends.  These discussions have been similar in content, so it is my belief that I have hit upon a truth.  Those of us who enjoy British television shows do so because there is a higher level of intellectual involvement by the viewer without having the viewer subjected to excessive and/or unnecessary intense violence, sexuality, and stupidity.  The shows we enjoy from the BBC vary widely from Dr. Who to Downton Abbey to Doc Martin to Sherlock Holmes, yet these shows entertain on a level that is superior, in my opinion, to the majority of current prime-time television shows in the U. S.

If you’ve not given one of these shows “a go,” then you may want to try them out.  There is a variety  of genres from Sci-Fi to historic drama to comedy, and most all of the prior seasons (or entire group of seasons, if no longer an active series) can be found on Netflix, Amazon, and/or Hulu for free.

Give it a go; you may like one or more of these series more than you think you will!

Have a blessed and happy day!





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  1. I love Doctor Who and the BBC Sherlock. I haven’t told many people but Sammy’s 1st birthday cake smash is Doctor Who themed. Tardis cake and all. 😡

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