Recommendation of Oasis Eco-Water Pitcher System

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My family and I have tried several water filter systems such as Brita, Pur, etc. over the last 8 or 10 years.  We’ve used the types that connect to the kitchen faucet as well as pitchers with filters that are filled and put into the refrigerator. I have to say that I am most satisfied in terms of ease of use, performance, and cost with the Oasis Eco-Water Pitcher System.

The water in our new home smells and tastes strongly of chlorine, but once the water is filtered using this pitcher, I cannot detect the smell or taste of chlorine at all. This seems to support the company’s claim that this product will do the following:

The Oasis Filter removes the following from tap water:
  • 98% of chlorine taste and odor
  • Up to 90.8% of copper
  • Up to 87.9% of mercury
  • Up to 97.4% of cadmium

One of the unique aspects of this system is that the entire cartridge does not have to be replaced; it is only the filtering elements inside, making the unit more eco-friendly and cost effective.  The replacement filters cost much less that replacement filters for other systems.  Also, according to the company’s web site, the Oasis cartridges can be used with other pitcher systems made by companies such as Brita and Pur.  I’ve not tested this, but if this is so, you do not need to buy a new pitcher system to make use of the cartridges and take advantage of the benefits provided by them.  It is my opinion that the over all design of the Oasis pitcher is better than that of the Brita and Pur pitchers I have used, so I actually own two of the Oasis pitcher systems.

Oasis Eco-Water Pitcher System Photo by LivingAndLovingLifeAfter50

Oasis Eco-Water Pitcher System
Photo by LivingAndLovingLifeAfter50

The two down sides to using this product seem to be

  1. One must allow the water to filter slowly as the pitcher is filled, or you will be unable to fill to capacity before placing in the refrigerator.  Since the counter on the lid is activated by opening and closing the fill opening, failure to fill completely each time may lead to a miscalculation of when the filter element needs changing.
  2. I have been unsuccessful in placing an order for the filter element replacement packets online, and I was advised by customer service to order by phone, especially if I wanted to take advantage of the free replacement package offer that came with my unit.  Hopefully, the company’s online product ordering page will be more user friendly soon.

As far as cost for the initial unit, it is competitive with other brands; actually, I spent less on the Oasis Pitcher System than the others I have used over the years. If you order from the web site linked in this article, you will see that the initial pitcher system is $19.99 USD (as of the writing of this article), but I purchased my system from Amazon on sale a few months ago for $12.99 USD.

If you are in the market for a good water filtration system to improve the quality of the water you drink, save money, and help the environment, this is my recommendation.

Have a blessed and happy day!



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