Choosing Good over Evil in Our World

Hello World!

While people who do evil have existed as long as humanity has existed, are things worse now than they have been in the past, or do the media make it seem that way because of a desire to sell the news? Is it a combination of both things?

It does not seem to matter which form of news one chooses, the sensational stories geared toward the tragic and the depravity of humankind is always at the forefront.  Scanning news stories today, I have read about a couple who adopted a child from Ethiopia only to allegedly starve and freeze the child to death (story here); I’ve read another story about a newlywed couple where the wife allegedly murdered her new husband by pushing him off a cliff (story here), and there is the story that was, as the expression goes, “the icing on the cake” for my decision to write about this issue.  Two fifteen-year-old girls in Maine put an 8-week-old kitten in a microwave and turned it on, and I have not used the word alleged here because evidently there is a video to prove it (story here).

These are stories about every day people and family life, not stories of atrocities occurring in war-time settings.  What is wrong with us?  Why do we not only allow but encourage media to sensationalize the bad rather than looking for and sharing the good and discouraging wrong doing?

I am not willing to go so far as to say that humanity is more evil today than it has ever been, but I do believe that we are much less than we should be; many have given in to a depraved nature.  I believe that our moral and ethical downfall is in part due to a breakdown in the family unit.  As a teacher, I know that children must be taught to do well, and too many parents set bad examples and/or do not take time to educate their children on how to be good, moral, ethical people who do good rather than evil.  I also believe that one of the reasons humanity is lacking is due to a falling away from the good teachings of our world religions. Instead, there is an over abundance of focus on the negative, and some people choose to latch onto a perversion of what is taught.

It is my hope that humanity will change and seek to do well and search for good while abhorring wickedness in a quest to overcome evil to make our world a better place to live.  It is my hope that the media will look for the uplifting, inspiring, and happy stories to report, replacing some of the decadent and sensational stories of malevolence that seem to be almost the only thing we hear or read.

Have a happy and blessed day!



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