Happy to Have New Episodes of My Shows to Watch on T.V.

Hello World!

Have you been enjoying premier weeks?  Some shows premiered last week, and others are premiering next week, and some have started the new season this week.  I’ve had my butt in my recliner each night this week and last.  What continuing shows have me watching again this year?

Sunday:  Once Upon a Time is the only show other than NASCAR and football that has my attention on Sundays.

Monday: Though torn between Dancing with the Stars and The Voice, I enjoy the blind auditions so much that The Voice wins out.  I’ll probably pop back over to DWTS while The Voice has the battle rounds (my least favorite part of the show), and then I’ll go back and forth between DWTS and The Voice for the live performances.  My go to show before bed has been and continues to be Castle.

Tuesday: It is the same as Monday in terms of when I watch The Voice and DWTS.  I am kind of bummed to be missing the new show Marvel’s Agents of Change: S.H.I.E.L.D. I end the night with Person of Interest, which I also enjoyed last year just on a different night.

Wednesday: When it was a choice between Castle and Revolution, I had to stay with Castle last year, but now that Revolution is on Wednesday nights, it is my go to early show.  Criminal Minds is the show I watch next, and I wrap the night up with one of my week’s favorites, Nashville. If you have not watched Nashville, please give it a try; all of it is filmed in Nashville.

Thursday: Who doesn’t watch The Big Bang Theory?  That is my go to early show on Thursdays. So far, The Michael J. Fox Show is the middle choice of the night, but I end the night with Elementary.

Friday and Saturday nights have absolutely no programs on television that the HH and I care to watch, so we normally spend these nights watching wonderful British TV shows and movies on Netflix or Amazon if we are home and not out and about having fun in other ways.

I can’t wait until January, so I can watch the new season of Downton Abbey here in the U. S.

What shows do you enjoy watching during the fall television season?

Have a blessed and happy day!



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