Obama’s Legacy

How will history remember President Obama?  He and his presidency will be remembered for what it is:  utter failure. Everything that goes wrong is blamed on someone else or ignored; there is a lack of integrity and ownership of responsibility in his administration.

Barack Obama wanted the Affordable Health Care for America Act, also known as ObamaCare, to be his signature achievement of his presidency;  unfortunately for America, it is just that.  Like most of the issues  that have arisen during President Obama’s time in office, ObamaCare is poorly thought out, poorly planned, poorly implemented, bad for our country, and an embarrassment.

Voter fraud allegations, poor economic decisions, debt that is about 33% more than when he was elected and growing, embarrassing foreign affairs policies, internal scandals like the IRS targeting of groups in opposition to his party and/or views, failure to provide leadership for the legislature, failure to keep his promise of a transparent government by hiding the truth of events such as in Benghazi – the list goes on and on of the weakness, failures, and lack of ability to lead that have been the attributes of the Obama presidency.  It has been and continues to be an embarrassment.

Yes, Obama’s presidential legacy is going to be his trademark Health Care law because it epitomizes the failure of his entire presidency.  I agree with statements made by Michael Goodwin in his October 7, 2013 New York Post article titled “Move over Jimmy Carter, Obama has my vote for worst president — ever.”  The title of the article says it all.


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