Married to a Cinematic Nerd

Hello World!

My husband, who is addicted to television shows and movies, is a cinematic nerd.  What, you may ask, is a cinematic nerd? According to my definition, my hubby is the epitome of a cinematic nerd, so read on to find out.

The HH feels deprived if he can’t watch at least one movie per day.  Usually, he will watch several.  The idea of an awesome date is back-to-back movies at the movie theater.  The television is on from the moment he wakes until he sleeps.  A combination of currently airing TV shows, Netflix movies and TV shows, Amazon streaming movies and TV shows, and DVD movies play continuously when he is around.  This does not mean that he is not doing other things; he needs background noise when working, too.

He is also a connoisseur of  movie trivia.  One cannot watch television or movies with him in the room without having him ask such things as “Do you know who that is?”  “Do you know what he/she played in?” or “Do you know who he/she is married to? Don’t even get me started on music.  The HH will hear a song on the radio and then turn to me and ask, “In what movie is that song?” (Yes, I know that most of these are grammatically incorrect, but this is the way the HH says these things.)

Saturday, I gave him his idea of an awesome date.  We went to a morning matinée, and then we walked across the road to have lunch before returning to see another movie during the early afternoon matinée time.  First, we enjoyed Thor.  That was eye-candy for me with action filled with humor for the hubby.  The afternoon movie was Ender’s Game.  I think I enjoyed the movie more than the hubby; it was a little too serious for him, but it was a 3 out of 5 stars even at that per his rating of the movie.  We both love Harrison Ford.

One of these days I’ll get the HH to be quiet while I’m watching a show or movie for the first time, and one of these days the hubby will learn that I rarely remember actors’ and actresses’ names, and I don’t really care what music was played in what movie; I just enjoy it for the moment.  I’ll leave the movie and TV trivia to my dearly loved cinematic nerd.


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