Shopping “Made in the U.S.A.”

Folks, supporting manufacturers in the United States is increasingly important to me. My mother warned me in the late 1970s that many of our manufacturing jobs were being moved out of the country, and I could not imagine what she predicted happening. Mom was right, and it is so wrong and so sad. Today, whenever possible, I buy American made products.

Sometimes finding items clearly made in the U.S.A. can be a challenge.  Often what the label states is that the product is distributed by an American company, which is really not good enough.  While I am not as successful as I would like to be in meeting this goal, I continue on, hoping that by “voting” for products made in the U.S.A. through my purchase choices, buying American made will once again be back in style.  Along with more made in the U.S.A. products being purchased should come more jobs for Americans in this country.

Two years ago, I went to Wal-mart looking for dishcloths made in the U.S.A.  In my local Wal-mart at that time, I could not find any in the store that were made in the U.S.A.  I wrote the company and got a less than satisfactory response, so I looked elsewhere.  What I wanted was found online at Lehman’s, located in Ohio. The dishcloths I purchased from them were of such a high quality that I re-ordered, purchasing enough packages to give all of the women in our family (mine and hubby’s side) a set of four.  I’m still using the cloths I originally purchased, but I have a spare set put aside; however, these items are so awesome, it may take many more years for me to need the other package. Other dishcloths I’ve owned made in other countries have been useless in weeks. By the way, these dishcloths are made by a company located in mid-America that has been in operation for about 125 years, so let’s support them.

As a part of ABC’s Made in America series back in 2011, Ben Forer wrote the following in his article “Made in America: Creating Jobs for Christmas,” In the 1960s, nine out of every 10 products Americans bought for the holidays were made in America. Today easily more than half of what we buy is foreign-made. So after nearly a year of crisscrossing the country as part of our Made in America journey, we remembered what economists across the board told us at the very start: If every American spent $64 on something made in America, we could create 200,000 jobs right now.” (Bolding added by me.)

May I encourage you to buy American made whenever you can.

Here are pictures of some of the personal hygiene items the HH and I use that are made in the USA.  FYI, these are very affordable products.

Shaving Cream Barbasol and Pure Silk made in the USA & Sensodyne is made in the USA

Shaving Cream Barbasol and Pure Silk made in the USA & Sensodyne is made in the USA

Back of the Pure Silk can

Back of the Pure Silk can

Back of the Sensodyne tube

Back of the Sensodyne tube

unnamed (4)

Back of Suave bottle

Back of Suave bottle

Gold Bond Powder - Made in the USA

Gold Bond Powder – Made in the USA


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