Enough Already! Boycott stores on Thanksgiving and Keep the True Spirit of the Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day – a day set aside to spend time with family and other loved ones, a time to contemplate the blessings in our life and be thankful.

Instead of a spirit of thankfulness and love and care for others during what we have come to call “the Holiday Season,” there is a spirit of selfishness and greed.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I am all about saving money and finding good deals, but there is a limit to everything; there are lines that should not be crossed, and of late, merchandisers and consumers alike have crossed these lines. What is wrong with taking one day off “business as usual” to allow families to re-connect and to encourage a spirit of thankfulness?

These types of attitudes – avarice and selfishness – are not to be encouraged if we want a better country.  Family, a spirit of care and concern, and an attitude of thankfulness for what we do have are things to be encouraged if we want to be the type of people and country we should be and can be.

I would ask you to please spend Thanksgiving Day with your friends and family – rest, relax, and be thankful – and save the commerce for midnight or after on Friday.

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day!


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