Exciting College Football and a Great Italian Pizzeria

Wow!  What a day.

The HH and I had tickets to today’s Vanderbilt versus Wake Forest game, and it was a humdinger. We got a deal through LivingSocial.com – two tickets for less than the normal cost of one.  Not only were the tickets affordable, we had great seats located on the 40-yard line.  Since we left plenty early, we were able to get a free parking spot just a short walk away from the stadium.  Once in the stadium, a very generous couple gave us stadium seats they had rented but ended up not needing, so our butts stayed warm and comfy through the whole game.

Vanderbilt band playing 11.30.13

Vanderbilt band playing 11.30.13

The game itself was a nail bitter to the end.  We got to witness Vandy’s Matthews setting an SEC record for the most receptions in a single season. Toward the end of the game, Matthews made an amazing catch, even though he had double coverage, that led to the go-ahead score that won the game.

Red Zone Play at Vandy

Red Zone Play at Vandy 11.30.13

On the way home, we were looking for somewhere to eat because we had eaten breakfast about 9 a.m. and had not had anything to eat since; it was about 3:15 by the time we cleared the game traffic.  The HH was hungry for pizza, but the idea of Pizza Hut or Papa John’s and the like did not appeal to me.  We had turned off Interstate 40 at Exit 219 to go to Cracker Barrel when the HH saw a sign for “Sal’s Pizzeria.” I conceded that if it was a sit-down restaurant, we’d give it a try.  My, oh, my!  It was as if we had been transported back to the pizzerias in which we ate while in Italy.  The food was yummy, and the service was pleasant and attentive.  We will certainly go back, and the place also delivers in our area, so I think I see some Sal’s pizza delivery in our future.  I’m also glad we went to Sal’s because we supported a small, local business on Small Business Saturday.

Pizza from Sal's Pizzeria

Pizza from Sal’s Pizzeria

If you are ever traveling from Nashville east on I-40 and looking for a place to eat, take Exit 219 and look for Sal’s.  It will be the first exit east of Nashville International Airport (and actually close enough that you could eat at Sal’s before going to the airport).

I hope you and yours have had as wonderful of a Saturday as we have had!


P.S. Once home, we watched the second half of the Alabama versus Auburn game.  That was a wild ending that even topped the exciting end to the Vandy/Wake Forest game!


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