“What You Do On New Year’s Day, You Will Do All Year Long” (Old Wives’ Tale)

Hello All!

It is the eve of another calendar year beginning, and the HH and I find ourselves in another travel location.  I am hopeful that the Old Wives’ Tale quoted in the title of this post comes true since we are once again traveling.   Pretty close to last minute, we decided that a short excursion to sunny Florida was a good idea, so we packed our bags, the dog, and ourselves and drove due south. Having 2014 filled with opportunities to visit other new and different places sounds like a good upcoming year to me.

If all goes well tonight, we expect to see a model of a Pelican drop at the stroke of midnight. Today, I have my eye on the beach, and perhaps tomorrow will find us perusing museums as rain is in the forecast.  What we do specifically is not as important as simply being here and doing.  Sometimes the most remarkable experiences are those upon which we stumble by chance.  Now until the time when we must point ourselves due north to once again return to the schedules, appointments, and responsibilities of our “normal” life, we have the joy of being free and spontaneous while we simply enjoy “being.”

Have a Happy New Year wherever you are!



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