Live Like You Are Dying – Good Advice On How to Live?


Today is the 3rd of January 2014.  It seems unreal that a new year has arrived.  How are we already three days into this new year?

There is a song by Tim McGraw titled “Live Like You Are Dying” Click the link and listen to the song; really listen to the words before you read the rest of this post. There is good advice for all of us in the lyrics.  I’ve really loved this song since I first heard it, but after becoming a breast cancer survivor, it has much deeper meaning. Though lucky to have caught the cancer early, it forced me to face head-on my mortality.  Since that time, the HH and I have traveled every chance we have had because he, who had a heart attack in 2005, and I truly realize one must live and do those things one wants to do while time and health allow.

One of our favorite movies is Last Holiday. Queen Latifa’s character, Georgia Byrd, has big dreams, and she keeps a “Possibilities” book.  An accident at work leads to a misdiagnosis, and she believes she only has weeks to live.  With this news, Georgia sets out on an adventure to do everything possible that she has wanted to do or has been too afraid to do. It is a life-changing and freeing experiences that blesses her and those who meet her. Could this be our life if we lived each day like we are dying?

The song and the movie are about more than self-fulfillment; they are also about treating others the way you want to be treated – about living the remainder of your life without regrets by making good, loving, and caring choices for others as well as ourselves. There is a commercial that aired a year or two back where individuals were seen by others doing small acts of kindness as they went about the daily routine of living.  Each person who witnessed a small act of kindness paid it forward by doing a small act of kindness for someone else.  This chained continued.  I’m not sure of the original source of this video, but some of the scenes in it were clips in the commercial just referenced.  Click on the link above and watch it.

If we are open to living life fully every day like it is our last day, then perhaps our lives, short or long, will be more fulfilling for us and more of a blessing for others.  It is my hope to live this year and those to come like it is my last- live life like I am dying.

Have a happy and blessed day!



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