Weight Loss Journey 1

I’ve been hesitant to post about this even though it is a huge part of my attempt to regain health after 50. As I sit here in the quiet and ponder why, the answer is simple: fear of failure. It is my hope that in writing about this journey that I will find strength and motivation for myself, but I also hope that someone somewhere will read this and find his or her own inspiration and strength; thus, it is my intent to write weekly about my (our) weight loss journey.

The HH and me just before our weight loss journey begins

The HH and me as our weight loss journey begins

On December 20, 2013, my husband and I made our first visit to Vanderbilt Medical Weight Loss.  Yes, you are correct – the timing was terrible with the holidays all but upon us, but it was the first appointments we could get for new patients even though we called several months earlier. I wasn’t told much that I didn’t already know. It is being held accountable while also being monitored for medical issues that I hope will make it worth while.

The HH and I decided to have a weekly weigh in and our own private Biggest Loser contest, so despite the fact that we had enjoyed food freely during the Christmas gatherings the week after our adventure began, he and I weighed the Saturday following.  We were shocked.  My husband had lost 6 lbs., and I had lost 3 lbs.  Of course, we both realize that most of that was probably water loss, but it was still surprising.

Then, he and I decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Florida. While the trip might have been very affordable money-wise and a great deal of fun, it was very costly weight-loss-wise.  After this trip, where we ate out for four days, we weighed on Saturday morning following. Even though we really tried to make good (or better) food choices, he and I had both gained 2 lbs. Drats!

With the terrible cold weather this week and being more or less homebound to avoid the cold, I have been so very hungry.  It is 48 hours until our weekly weigh-in, and I have no idea if I will lose anything or not.  It is hard enough to try to stay between 1,400 and 1,600 calories a day. Wanting comfort food that is agreeable in cold weather does not fit in the calorie range I need foods to be inside, so this made it even harder.  Additionally, very little exercise happened as even the time walking the dog was greatly reduced this past week due to the weather.

The doctor wants me to have 40 grams of protein at each meal while staying under 1,600 calories per day.  Do you have any idea how difficult this can be?  I’m in need of some good ideas, so I guess I just need to put my mind to it, research, and, to quote Captain Kirk, “Make it so!”


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