Geocaching for Adventure and Health

It is a beautiful day in Middle Tennessee, and the HH and I plan to make the most of it. On our way to look at a potential mini-farm to purchase, we are going to go geocaching.  Have you ever heard of geocaching?  When I first began in 2005, it was a fairly new phenomenon.  If memory serves me, geocaching is celebrating 10 years this year. Geocaches are hidden all over the world and can be found in cities, in the woods, in unusual places in water areas – almost anywhere. Sometimes caches are virtual.  Caches can be found by those who are limited in mobility and by those who enjoy physical challenges.  Men, women, children – it does not matter the age or gender; geocaching is for all.

My daughter at a geocache with me at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (see the handheld GPS)

My daughter at a geocache with me at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (see the handheld GPS) in 2005

Geocaching was something I did frequently when I first met my husband, and then we geocached together.  He bought me a truck, which I really wanted, and immediately gas prices increased greatly. I felt guilty driving the truck around to geocache when gas was so expensive, so I stopped. We still had two of our six kids in high school and one (daughter above) living at home who was in college. Life happened, but the call of geocaching never fell silent; it was only muffled by all of the junk life threw our way.

Lately, I have been suggesting that we get back to geocaching because it is fun, and it is great exercise for the mind as well as the body. After all, it is much easier now since our phones act as our GPS and camera (some caches, like the one with me below, require photo proof of find). We no longer need three electronic devices with us. The kids are grown and gone, and if we like, we can take the dog with us. We no longer drive the gas-guzzling truck.  Instead, we travel in my Ford Fusion Hybrid.  It is more streamline and economical.

Me at a cache in York, England in 2005

Me at a cache in York, England in 2005

Yesterday, the HH finally said to me that we should go geocaching, and we did.  It was fun. Though the ground was wet and muddy from a heavy rain the night before, we managed to get where we needed to go. The mud and wet made it difficult on our last hunt, but it was fine. We found 2 of 3 attempted. Not only did we enjoy the high-tech scavenger hunt, we also got some much needed exercise and discovered a greenway trail near us that we did not know existed.

The big trip that we hope to take this year is a two-week drive on Route 66 (as close to the original as possible) from Chicago to LA.  We are going to geocache all along the way.  I’ve done some geocaching in other countries, but my husband and I have missed way too many opportunities to geocache in the countries we have visited during the last five or six years.  I don’t want to regret not geocaching in other countries we will visit in the future.

Geocaching is a fun and economical activity that is beneficial to health while providing adventure and excitement.  If you’d like to give it a try, check out  Have fun and watch out for muggles!



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