Should Folks Over 50 Keep Investments in the Stock Market?

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WOW! As is my usual routine since switching to Quicken 2104 for our financial record keeping, I did an electronic morning update, and my eyes about bugged out of my head!  Surely I accidentally clicked on something by mistake and caused an error.  How could our net worth decrease over $5,000 overnight?  Yes, the DOW was down a bit at close yesterday, but it was not down that much.  Why was one of our most steady investment accounts showing such a huge loss?

I don’t know what happened, but the value of this one particular stock, which I have already noted has been steady for us in the past, appeared to have dipped by 67%. While it is still unclear if the information sharing error was due to something in Quicken or the investment firm, we did not “lose” any money.  Hopefully, our accounts are back in order. 🙂

Yes, for the long haul, the stock market has proven good for investments if one is willing to ride out the good with the bad.  It took us a good long while to recover from the losses incurred in 2008.  Luckily, today’s plunge was only significant in one of our investment accounts, but man, that is still a huge hit when we got a late start on saving for retirement and are about 12 to 14 years out from when we hope to retire.

This brings me to my question: Should those of us who are over 50 keep the bulk of our investments in the volatile stock market?  If not, what are better options?  If so, when and how do we decide whether or not the time is right to move our funds out of the market and into safer investment opportunities?

I truly don’t know the answer to these questions, and it may be time for the HH and me to search for an honest and knowledgeable investment counselor.

Do you have any wisdom to share on this subject?

Have a happy and blessed day with plentiful returns on your investments!




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