Life with My 50+-Year-Old “Kid”

First, let me say that not only do I have my dear hubby’s permission to write this series, it was his idea. 🙂  The HH enjoys laughing, and he doesn’t even mind laughing at himself.

Now, where to begin?!

Today, I think I’ll talk about the fact that I have not trained him well.  When I told him so this morning, he said it was his mother’s fault; she had not trained him well enough.  I’m sure my dear MIL (mother-in-law) will appreciate hearing this.

What’s the problem with his training?  I think this could be several posts, but let’s start with his lack of training that was the topic of discussion this morning.

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One of my pet peeves is someone coming into the kitchen knowing that there are clean dishes in the dishwasher that have not yet been unloaded and put away, yet that person (my husband) chooses to go to the cabinet – yeah, the place where clean dishes are stored after being put away – to get out a cup, plate, bowl, etc.  You see, my way of thinking is that he can just as easily open the dishwasher and get a clean cup, plate, bowl, etc. out.  Doing so would save someone else (me) a tiny bit of extra effort in unloading and loading dishes.

In the same way, if I have clean clothes on the bed not yet hung up, why not grab a shirt from the clothes yet to be put away rather than going into the closet to pull a clean shirt off the hanger? Grabbing the shirt not yet hung up would save me some effort in doing laundry.

Another of my pet peeves is leaving the toilet seat up. I know many of you are shocked that my dear hubby would leave the toilet seat up since I’m sure that you or your husband and/or sons are so thoughtful and always remember to put the seat back down (*cough*).  Weekends, when he was home from work at the client site, were dangerous the last few years! In his defense, after working from home the last three months, he has become much more thoughtful.  I’d say in the last month that he has put the seat down about 98% of the time, though I fear that once he goes back on the road, he will revert to his former heathen ways.  What about the other 2% of the time?  Well, his timing is impeccable.  Let me explain.


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Last month I was prepping for a colonoscopy.  Only those of you who have had a colonoscopy can appreciate what this means, but if you know what it means, you will understand that leaving the toilet seat up, as he did, during this process was very stressful and inconvenient.  On occasion, he will leave the toilet seat up prior to coming to bed.  Since he is the last to bed each night and I usually find myself sleepily making my way to the bathroom sometime in the evening, he has a 50/50 chance of hearing a splash followed by a loud scream.  I think it is his version of Russian Roulette.

This is enough about my pet peeves and my husband’s faulty training for now.  There will be more to come, so come back later to get the scoop on life with my 50+ “kid”.

Have a blessed and happy day,



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