Explore and Experience on Weekends

This morning, my husband had the television on some program; I’m not really sure what it was.  It was the history of some pilot’s military life – perhaps more – but that is all I heard of the program.  I keyed in on the portion where the wife/widow (?) relayed how their family, while stationed in Germany, toured different places in Europe almost each weekend over the two years they were stationed there.

I’ve said over and over that it would be wonderful to live in Europe for a while so that the HH and I could do the same thing because it is so easy to travel to different countries from almost any point in Europe. Listening to this program, all of a sudden, it hit me.

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Photo Credit

Although a good number of places within a day trip, or even a weekend trip, of where we live have already been explored, that does not mean that the HH and I cannot start taking weekend getaways from our home in Metropolitan Davidson County (Nashville), Tennessee. The chances of us living in Europe are extremely small, unless we should decide to retire there. Instead of dreaming of potential future European weekend explorations, why not act now and take weekend getaways that let us explore and experience all of the wonderful and quirky things that are a part of the culture of the United States?  It is kind of akin to the idea of “blooming where you are planted.”

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Photo Credit

I challenge you to plan day trips or weekend getaways to explore the world around where you live now. Get a real map and compass and draw a circle around where you live that indicates the potential area for day trips and another for potential weekend getaways. Pick a spot and plan (or not) and go!

Have a fun year exploring and experiencing your part of the world in 2014.



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