Shade Tree Trot – A Good Place to Start

Despite the light dusting of snow on the ground, my mind has turned to late March and pounding the pavement.  One of my goals set last July was to participate in a 5k within the following 12-month period.  I’ve found one that seems like a good fit for my first 5k, and I’ve gotten the HH to agree to join me in this endeavor.

The Shade Tree Trot is a walk/run 5k sponsored by the University of Vanderbilt Medical Students to benefit a free clinic in East Nashville and run by medical students.  Quoting from the Shade Tree Trot website, ” Since 2004, Vanderbilt’s medical students have played a pivotal role in creating and expanding an extraordinary primary care medical home for hundreds of patients in Middle Tennessee. Through the Shade Tree Clinic, medical and nursing students from Vanderbilt and Meharry are able to enhance their medical education via practical “hands-on” experience, while simultaneously providing important healthcare and social services to a neighborhood in need.”

Taking part in this event will benefit others while benefiting us.  This being said, I guess it is time to employ our version of the “couch to the 5k” plan. I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the mean time, if you are interested in taking part in the fun, fund-raiser, click HERE.


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