Doubting Polls That Show Percentage of Favorable Views of Obama

It is no secret; I don’t think our current president is doing a very good job.  That may be an understatement, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Earlier this week, WSMV news posted on their Facebook page the news item that Obama would make a four-city tour of the country after his State of the Union speech, and that Nashville will be one of the four cities.

I read about 20 of the most recent comments to this Facebook post (recent in terms of the time I looked at the post), and all but two (2) were negative toward the president.  I read things like “why are you coming to our fine state?,” “stay in Washington and do your job,” “your just wasting more money” and “we don’t want you here.”  Today, I was having breakfast at Panera, and the folks at the table next to me were discussing the poor job Obama is doing and how much worse off we are as a country since he took office.  One thing in particular I overhead was “how can 40% of the people think he is doing a good job?”

Actually, Obama’s current approval rating (as of this writing) according to recent polls is more like 43%, and I don’t believe this number is correct.  I think poll numbers are manipulated because I can’t find near that percentage of people who seem to feel he is doing a good job anywhere I look. We have cover ups and scandals galore: Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, NSA, etc.  That national debt is about double what it was when he took office, and those on food stamps and other public subsidies have increased dramatically. According to this article dated March 2013, the dependency on food stamps has increased 70% in the U. S. since 2008.  Of concern to me of late is his “king” complex where he feels that with a stroke of a pen he can by-pass our legislative branch and make or change laws at will. What is next?

In the future, when we look back upon this president’s administration, I think history will show him to have been one of the worst in our country’s history.  When the truth eventually comes out, I think those who have supported him will be embarrassed in the way they have been hoodwinked.  All of these suppositions are based on the assumption that our nation can survive beyond 8 years of his leadership (or lack thereof).

Since Obama has been in office, America has declined beyond belief, and I can tell you that we have lost clout on an international level as well.  I can only pray for the following: We survive three more years of Obama;  one good man or woman can be found to run for President, and people in this country will have the common sense to vote for a good candidate who can bring us back from the depths to which we have fallen. They didn’t have the sense to vote for a good man and a good presidential candidate in Mitt Romney; I hope they learn from their mistakes.  (If you doubt me on the Romney comment, I challenge you to watch the documentary Mitt that is on Netflix.)


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