2014 Super Bowl is a Super Flop

After watching two incredible division games for the AFC and NFC titles, I expected an amazing Super Bowl. I have been terribly disappointed, and I feel sorry for all of those people who have paid big money and braved the cold to attend this year’s game.

What happened? I have no idea.  The Seahawks brought their A game; the Broncos left their A, B, and C games in Denver.

Manning now holds some of the all-time quarterback records, but he will not have Super Bowl rings won while playing for two different teams in a Super Bowl, which would have been a first.

With one quarter left to play at this writing, this year’s Super Bowl has not been a fun and exciting game; it has been a boring flop.

Am I being pre-mature?  Perhaps.  We will know at the end of this last quarter if my predictions above hold true.


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