Life with a 50+-Year-Old “Kid” (Vol 3)


Yes, the HH is spoiled. Home or on the road, he has folks “taking care of him.”

Holiday Inn Express is the lodging of choice when my husband is on the road and working at client sites.  When he spends four nights out of seven at HIE, he has “elves,” as he calls them, to clean the bathroom, bring fresh towels, make his bed. He is spoiled in this way by HIE, but he doesn’t have elves, at least not the same type of elves, at home.

When home, my husband is waited on hand and foot more often than not, especially when it comes to food and drink. When I prepare meals, I usually fill the hubby’s plate, or bowl, and hand it to him. In the same manner, I often end up picking up his dirty dishes to return them to the kitchen for him. To be fair, he puts his own dishes in the kitchen about 50% of the time.

If, however, he needs or wants a glass of water or some such thing and does not want to get up to go get it himself, he will wait until I am up, and then he will ask me to get whatever he needs. What gets me is that sometimes, even though I may be comfy in the recliner working on my computer, he will actually ask me to get up and turn on the light, go get his glasses, etc. because he is so spoiled (and too lazy at times) to do these things for himself.

I haven’t told my husband this story yet, but a couple of weeks ago I was having burgers with a friend before going to a concert.  I don’t remember what I said exactly, but evidently I relayed a story about taking food to the HH while he was watching TV or working on his computer. A complete stranger, a man about our age, who was in the burger joint offered unrequested advice to me. He said that I should tell my husband to get up off his butt and get his own food since I did the cooking. (What he said was a little more colorful, but this was the gist of what he was trying to express.)He elaborated on this idea more, and I did let him know that what I do, I do gladly, but that is not my point of sharing here. After all, it was not the stranger’s place to say what he did, but at the same time, I got a real giggle out of it as it underlined the fact that my husband is spoiled.

I think my husband knows he is spoiled, and I hope he appreciates it. Of course, he has given me the time and freedom to spoil him more at this time. I appreciate the opportunity and freedom he has allowed me. If the truth is told, I enjoy spoiling him most of the time, and I know that if I find myself working full-time again, he’ll not expect the same spoiling as he is getting now.


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