Olympic Hopes

In our household, as in millions of households around the world, quite a bit of time will be spent in front of the TV as we take in the magic, splendor, joys, and sorrows of the Winter Olympic Games, which are currently being held in Sochi, Russia.  I really enjoy watching the Winter Olympics more than the Summer Olympics, but both are big hits with us.

As we watch how most of the world comes together every four years for each Summer and Winter Olympics, my mind always comes around to asking the question, “Why can’t the world cooperate like this year round year and after instead of just during the short periods of time during Olympics?”  I know that relations are not perfect during these events, but there never will be perfection.  It requires perfect people to achieve perfection, and no one is perfect, so perfection is an ideal at which to aim, not a true possibility.

Each athlete travels and performs in these games with hopes of standing on the winners’ podium. Yet, my hope is that one day all the countries of our world will come to accept each others differences while celebrating our similarities and can learn to respect and cooperate with each other, making war a thing of the past that stays in the past. I see the Olympic games as one of the best templates we have for world cooperation and peace.

What do you think?


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