The Monuments Men – Certainly a Movie Worth Watching

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The HH and I had an afternoon date, and after a nice lunch, we watched The Monuments Men.  My husband and I had marked this as one movie we wanted to see months ago, and we were not disappointed.  Why is it such a good movie?

It is based on a true story.  I find that most, though not all, movies based on true stories are extremely interesting and/or truly inspiring.

This movie boasts a huge array of amazing actors that include, but are not limited to, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Bill Murray. What more is there to say other than there is great acting to be seen.

It is a movie that can be seen by most ages, especially if a parent or grandparent takes time before and after to discuss what this war was about. For the younger crowd (tween-ages to college age) who may not really know their history, it gives a snapshot into World War II, and for those of us who know our history, it is interesting.  Several of the folks viewing the movie with us today were probably children during WW II. This film is also a brief education on the importance of each country’s cultural heritage and history. While it is a war movie and there is some violence and blood, by today’s standards, it is not too much, yet the fact that war is destructive on all levels is very clear.

With comedic touches thrown in appropriately, one is not left feeling blue and down when leaving.  In fact, though there is death and loss portrayed, the end left me feeling proud and up-beat.

This is a wonderfully made movie, and it is a good family movie for those in older elementary on up to great-grandparents.

If you check this film out, let me know your thoughts.


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