How Many People Really Care About Our Environment?

In almost all things, I fall into the conservative side of things, but when it comes to our environment, I would be labeled a liberal – at least in the political arena.  That is okay with me because I think that one can be politically conservative and care about protecting and rejuvenating our environment.

Unfortunately, I think too many of us do not care, and that lack of care may be in great part due to lack of understanding that how we as humans live impacts wildlife and our natural resources. Modern developments such as plastic have brought about a great improvement in the quality of life, but there are aspects of life with plastics that are dangerous.  For example, many sea creatures such as dolphins and turtles have been found dead with plastic bags in their throats and stomachs. Birds have been found dead with plastic wrapped around them, and small mammals have died because they have gotten their heads caught inside Yoplait yogurt containers. Excessive use of plastics, of which I myself have been guilty but am trying to change, has added to our landfills and will not decompose in many lifetimes.

Insecticides being used to make farming easier are more than likely killing bees, which is kind of like the old adage of cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face.  You see, without bees to pollinate our crops, we will  not have crops. Using genetically modified organisms such is commonly used in growing corn, soy, etc. is bad in and of itself, but when these crops cross pollinate with heirloom crops grown nearby, the damage cannot be undone.

The point of this is to ask you to consider the consequences of how you live and how we as a society live to make better choices for the good of our environment and for humanity’s future.



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